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At Acu-Elligent, we empower businesses to seize government and corporate contracting opportunities. Our expertise and dedication are your keys to success in both sectors.

For those seeking contracts, our services are tailored to navigate the intricate procurement world. We guide you through complex regulations, policies, and compliance requirements. We assist in developing competitive proposals, making well-informed bid/no-bid decisions, and ensuring fair pricing through expert negotiations. Our support extends to audit preparation, subcontracting strategies, and ongoing contract performance management.

Like government opportunities for businesses pursuing corporate contracts, we are equally committed to your growth. We offer insights into corporate compliance, strategic planning, and performance assessment. We help you develop captivating proposals and offer compliance management. Our team equips you with a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and provides essential training.

With Acu-Elligent, your journey to success in government and corporate contracting begins here. Let us guide you, no matter which path you choose.

About our CEO



I founded Acu-Elligent LLC, a consulting agency with a strong focus on government and corporate contracts. With over 40 years of experience as a Retired Government Contracting Officer, I bring a wealth of knowledge. My expertise extends to assisting small businesses in successfully securing government and corporate contracts, making the seemingly complex process more accessible. My consulting experience covers the entire contracting process, providing comprehensive support to businesses seeking government and corporate contracts. 

PErsonal Mission & Background

Government and corporate contracts offer a reliable revenue stream and the opportunity to enhance your business’s industry reputation. My background as a Procurement decision maker and Contracting Officer, overseeing portfolios valued as high as $100 billion, equips me with the insights needed to position your business for success in these areas. I have experience in various industries, including Construction, IT, Maintenance/Janitorial, Professional Training and development, and Managed Healthcare Services. Government contracting doesn’t have to be intimidating – contact me today, and let’s unlock your business’s potential to secure more bids. My mission is to help black women-owned small businesses correctly win government and corporate contracts. I am a consultant, author, mentor, and speaker with a strong background as an Air Force Veteran and over 40 years of experience in Government Procurement and Contracting.

How We Work

Introduction and understanding of your specific needs.

Setting clear, measurable goals.

Customized strategy development and implementation.

Regular consultations and guidance.

Monitoring progress and making adjustments.

Providing education and training.

Strategic planning for future opportunities and growth.